12 Popular Flea Markets in Houston Texas

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author January 23, 2024

 12 Popular Flea Markets in Houston Texas

Houston City has always represented very vibrant and diverse communities and Flea markets in Houston Texas reflect this diversity and charm effectively.  Houston city has so many flea markets that attract millions of shoppers, sellers, dwellers, and wanderers thus making the market vibrant and joyful for all.

Here I have listed the 12  most popular antique stores in Houston where you can shop Vintage clothing, antique furniture, handmade crafts, locally grown produce, and tasty foods.

So, on weekends if you are feeling free don't hesitate to visit these markets with your friends and family members altogether.

If you are a business person or planning for selling your own collections and products at these flea markets I have added additional details regarding the cost and facilities of each flea market.

For a quick look at 25 popular Flea Markets in Houston Texas visit this link

1. Trader's Village

Trader's Village

Location: 7979 N Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, Texas, 77041
Market Hours: Saturday & Sunday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Parking: $5
Entrance: Free
Phone: 282-890-5500
Email: [email protected]
Social: Facebook / Instagram

Trader's Village Houston - opened in 1989 is one of the most popular and oldest flea markets in America.  Built over 100+ acres of land this flea market has already served millions of buyers and thousands of sellers so far. 

So here I will share some of the most interesting insights about this flea market here. 

There are around 2000+ dealers who sell 100s of different products at very economic pricing.  

Shopping:  Jewelry, tires  & rims, furniture, home decoration products, clothing, arts, toys, tools, cookware, electronics, metal wares, local produce, appliances, auto accessories, antiques & treasures, baby items, comics, gift items, leather goods, beddings, sports items are some of the popular items you can find in this flea market. 

Rides:  Furthermore, you can enjoy family-friendly rides in this Flea Market. Rides suitable for kids as well as for whole families can be found here. As Trader's Village states - "From the highest heights to the gentlest adventure, we’ve got rides you can enjoy together." 

You can ride The Fleafall, Pharaoh's Fury, Bouncer, Star Dancer, Carousel, Trackless Family Train, Helicopter, Space Age, Scrambler, Freddy's Fender Bender, The Rumpus Room. 

Pricing: $2.69 per ride or unlimited at $10.99.  

Trader's village fleafall

For Vendors:  You can sell your products, services, or ideas at this flea market. Since this flea market has a very large number of visitors you can expect to have very good sales and conversions. 

For vendors Trader's Village has very flexible and cost-effective space types.  You can find details about renting a space at Trader's Village here


2. Sunny Flea Market

Sunny Flea market

Location: 8705 Airline Dr. Houston, Texas 77037
Business Hours: Saturday / Sunday: 8 AM - 6 PM
Entrance: Free
Parking: $2
Phone: 281-447-8729
Email:  [email protected]
Website: http://www.sunnyfleamarket.com/
Social: Facebook / Instagram

Sunny Flea Market Houston is a large indoor and outdoor marketplace located in the city of Houston, Texas. It features a wide variety of vendors selling everything from clothing and accessories to home decor, furniture, and electronics. You can have a more genuine experience of shopping at the flea as compared to other flea markets.  

The flea market is known for its low prices and wide selection of goods. Additionally, it is a great place to find unique and one-of-a-kind items. The market is open on weekends and is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. The atmosphere is fun and lively, making it a great place to spend an afternoon browsing and shopping.

If you are fond of having good yet rare foods you will have unique Mexican foods and drinks everywhere. And if you are thinking about the place for your kids then definitely your kids will like it and remember it for rides, toys and kewl clothes.

For Vendors:
Pricing on 10x10 Booth
Saturday: $22
Sunday: $36
Monthly: $232 ($290 5-week)

3. Houston Flea Market

Houston Flea Market

Location: 6116 Southwest Fwy, Huston, Texas, 77057
Business Hours: Saturday / Sunday: 8 AM - 7 PM
Entrance: Free
Phone: 713-780-0070
Email:  [email protected]
Website: http://www.houstonfleamarket.com/
Social: Facebook / Instagram

The Houston Flea Market is located at 6116 Southwest Freeway, Rte 59, Fountainview exit off 59S or Chimney Rock exit off 59N, then U-turn under the freeway. You can find antiques & collectibles, clothing, crafts, new & used merchandise, furniture, appliances, and books put on sale by more than 600 vendors. There are a series of sources of entertainment for adults and kids too including restaurants selling delicious yet unique tasty foods. Your kids will gonna love entertaining rides.

There are a wide variety of stalls and items. You will find plenty of parking space in this large place. Houston flea market at Houston have booths set up providing everything from cell phones, jewelry, clothes, shoes, electronics, and toys. There is a lot for the children to do as well. They have pony rides, bouncy houses, face paintings, bumper boats, bungee bounce, games, and lots more. There is a dance floor/ club for the adults and you can buy alcohol as well to go along with the large selection of food they offer.

Highlights include Live Bands every week, Clown shows for kids, Karaoke, Pony rides, Train rides, kiddie rides, and much much more.

How to become a vendor?
Office: 713-780-0070
Hours: Fri-Sun 8 am-5 pm

Market hours: Sat & Sun
Outdoor market: 9 am-dusk
Indoor market: 9 am-8 pm
Club: 9 am-9 pm

4. Montrose Marketplace

Montrose Flea Market

Location: 1001 Westheimer Rd, Houston, Texasm 77006
Business Hours: Saturday / Sunday: 11 AM - 6 PM
Entrance: Free
Phone: 832-793-4546
Email:  [email protected]
Website: https://www.montrosemarketplacehtx.com
Social: Facebook / Instagram

The Montrose Flea Market in Houston, Texas, is a popular destination for shoppers looking for unique, vintage, and handmade items. The market is held on Saturday and Sunday from 11 AM to 6 PM and features a variety of vendors selling everything from antiques and collectibles to clothing, jewelry, and handmade crafts.
The market is located in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston and is known for its eclectic mix of vendors and shoppers. It is a great place for people to find unique items and also for vendors to showcase their products.

There are so many vendors who sell very diverse products including oddities and vintage items.  Good Food and Fun is what you can definitely get for your family every weekend. 

Night Market is also available here but business hours are based on the weather. 


5. Hip Hop Vintage Flea Market

Hip Hop Flea Market

Location: 2011 Leeland St, Houston, Texas, 77003
Business Hours: Saturday / Sunday: 11 AM - 6 PM
Entrance: Free
Phone: 832-298-9112
Email:  [email protected]
Social: Facebook / Instagram

Hip Hop Flea Market is a type of flea market that specializes in Hip-Hop and streetwear culture. This flea market typically features vendors selling a wide range of items such as vintage clothing, sneakers, designer streetwear, and Hip-Hop memorabilia.

These events are also known to have live music, graffiti art, and food vendors. The Hip-Hop Flea Market is an opportunity for people to buy, sell, and trade items related to Hip-Hop culture and also be part of a community of like-minded individuals.

They are usually held in urban areas and are becoming increasingly popular across the United States. Some notable examples include the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival Flea Market, the Hip-Hop Flea Market in Atlanta, and the Los Angeles Hip-Hop Flea Market.


6. La Estrella Flea Market

La esterrala flea market

Location: 2011 Leeland St, Houston, Texas, 77003
Business Hours: Friday / Saturday / Sunday: 10 AM - 6 PM
Entrance: Free
Phone: 713-694-8285
Email:  [email protected]
Website: https://laestrellafleamarket.com/
Social: Facebook / Instagram

Welcome to La Estrella Flea Market, the premium indoor flea market in Houston, Texas. We have over 200 vendors offering a great variety of products and services ranging from furniture, electronics, and clothing to professional haircuts, tattoos/piercings, and massages. We also have a bar that sells domestic and imported beers and a taqueria that provides an assortment of delicious Mexican food, both conveniently located at the front of the store.


7. International Flea Market

International flea market

Location: 239 Greens Rd, Houston, Texas, 77060
Business Hours: Friday / Saturday / Sunday: 10 AM - 6 PM
Entrance: Free
Phone: 281-877-7100
Social: Facebook 


The best indoor flea market. Free Parking. HARDWARE & TOOLS, DIAMOND & GOLD JEWELRY, CAR STEREO, TOY

Shopping complex featuring clothing, electronics & other retailers, services & snacking options.

8. Tia Pancha

Tia Pancha Flea market

Location: 8801 Airline Dr, Houston, Texas, 77037
Business Hours: Friday / Saturday / Sunday: 8 AM - 7 PM
Entrance: Free
Social: Facebook 

La Pulga Tia Pancha is a flea market located in Houston, Texas. It is known for being one of the largest and most popular flea markets in the area, with a wide variety of vendors selling everything from clothing and jewelry to furniture, electronics, and household items.

It is also known as a great place for Mexican-American culture, you can find traditional clothing and accessories. The flea market is open on weekends and is known for its friendly atmosphere and great deals. It is a favorite among locals and is often considered a must-see destination for visitors to Houston.

9. Capitol Flea Market

Capitol Flea Market

Location: 7046 Capitol St, Houston, Texas, 77011
Business Hours: Saturday / Sunday: 7 AM - 9 PM
Entrance: Free
Email: [email protected]
Social: Facebook 
good bargains, great live music, the best damn tacos!!! every weekend

10. Cole's Antique Village & Flea Market

Cole's FLea Market

Location: 1014 N Main St, Pearland, Texas, 77581
Business Hours: Saturday / Sunday: 8 AM - 5 PM
Entrance: Free
Phone: 281-766-8877
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.colesfleamarket.com/
Social: Facebook  /  Instagram 

One of the largest flea markets in South Houston with over 1000 vendors. Indoor and outdoor market.

Get to know Pearland's oldest and largest flea market
Cole’s Flea Market opened in 1968 and offers more than 44 acres of indoor and outdoor shopping. More than 1,300 vendors sell new and vintage items including art, home décor, apparel, toys, tools, electronics, sporting goods and more. There are 26 food stands serving beer, roasted corn, nachos, churros, pizza, ice cream, funnel cakes, potatoes, donuts and BBQ. The property welcomes 12,000 – 15,000 customers each weekend. Open every Saturday and Sunday. All year long

11. Long Point Market

Long Point Flea Market

Location: 8351 Long Point Rd, Houston, Texas, 77055
Business Hours: Saturday / Sunday: 10 AM - 7 PM
Entrance: Free
Phone: 713-722-7122 / 832-573-4162
Social: Facebook

Long Point Market is a flea market in Houston, Texas. It is located at 8351 Long Point Road and is open on Saturdays & Sundays from 10 am to 7 pm. The market features a variety of vendors selling a range of products, including antiques, collectibles, clothing, and household items. There is also a food court with a variety of food and drink options.

12. Memorial Village Farmer's Market

Memorial Village flea market

Location: 10840 Beinhorn Rd, Houston, Texas, 77024
Business Hours: Saturday: 9 AM - 1 PM
Entrance: Free
Phone: 832-659-7070
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.mvfarmersmarket.org/
Social: Facebook

Open EVERY Saturday, 9a-1p, year-round, rain or shine. Houston's Memorial Villages Farmers Market is located @First Congregational Church near I10 & Voss.

The goal of the Memorial Villages Farmers Market is to build a quality relationship between farmers, artisans and the community at large. Hosted by First Congregational Church in cooperation with the City of Hunters Creek Village, MVFM has quickly done just that, establishing itself as one of Houston’s premier farmers markets.

Market Highlights
  • High quality vendors
  • Live music
  • Playground and Children’s activities
  • Pet friendly
  • Guest lectures
  • Food demonstrations
  • Ample Parking

Memorial Villages Farmers Market welcomes the entire family, with a playground and children’s activities and a petfriendly environment. Make Memorial Villages Farmers Market your Saturday morning tradition!

13. Broadway Flea Market

Broadway FLea market

Location: 820 Broadway St, Houston, Texas, 770012
Business Hours: Saturday / Sunday: 8 AM - 5:30 PM
Entrance: Free
Phone: 832-516-0090
Email:  [email protected]
Website: http://broadwayfleamarket.com/
Social: Facebook / Twitter

Broadway Flea Market is located at 820 Broadway St, Houston, Texas, 770012. This is also a popular flea market where you can make lots of purchases of different merchandise as well as have lots of fun with your family and friends.  

No matter what you're looking for, you're sure to find it at one of these flea markets in Houston. From vintage clothing and handmade crafts to locally grown produce and antique furniture, these markets offer something for everyone. So why not take a trip to one of these markets and see what treasures you can find?

About the author: Antiqueace.com is a marketplace website you can find products & information about antique stores, malls, and flea markets. 

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