How to sell antiques fast during pandemic?

author Sangam Sharma

author January 23, 2024

 How to sell antiques fast during pandemic?

So what are the strategies you can build to generate sales of your antiques & vintage items fast?

In this article, I have shared some important steps you should take to prevent your business from such obstacles.

Turn these obstacles into opportunities without getting delayed.

1. Jump online

Yes! lets jump. Antique buyers are exploring the internet quite often than ever before. I have found so many antique stores and malls still lack stable online platforms whether it is their own website or marketplace.

It is the best time to revamp your website. Most of the antique stores have their own website but these websites are not user-friendly. A website is not just a platform to post your address and business hours. It has more upside potential that can instantly increase your antique sales and profit.

Start adding your product listing on your website with good photos. Photography is important. Why? Because good photos help buyers to know the details about the product you are selling. 

Describe your product in detail. Don’t describe the product just for the sake of selling it. Describe the best part of the product which can build trust among your buyers. A good description and good photos will definitely help you to gain more trust and sales.

You may not get instant orders on your website. Buying antiques and vintage items online is not quite similar to ordering boots from amazon. But it will help you to boost the exposure of the inventory you have. People looking for specific types of products could be your instant buyers. So focus on building your own online antique store or inventory.

2. Go Social

Going social is more important in 2021. Social media platforms help you to expose your inventory to large audiences. You may get a few silly calls, queries but you will also find some serious buyers. So filter your queries first then convert those queries into orders.

Focus on branding while promoting your products. As always good photos, copy, and graphics help you to gain more trust. More trust means more buyers will incline towards your products with a buying mood.

Manage your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter profile to attract buyers as well as professionals who work in your field. I personally suggest you using Hootsuite for managing your social media profile. Even a free package will do your job. You can at least schedule 30 posts in the free version. You can duplicate your post and reschedule it as a second and third post.

3. Join the circle

Do you have your own circle of antique lovers? If not built your own circles where you share your information and products with other antique dealers.

A buyer is always a person. So consider every impression important. Build an understanding to recommend or share buyers' information who are looking for a specific product you only own. It will further help you to gain some extra sales.

4. Join the Marketplace

These days there are so many antique marketplace websites that help you to sell your inventories online. Marketplaces have their own marketing team, audiences, customers, brand value, Trustworthiness, and payment and delivery system. Adding your products to such marketplaces will instantly expose your products to 100s of potential buyers. is a kind of marketplace that allows individuals and antique store owners to list their products online for free and without any commissions. Products will appear within the profile of your stores’ business page. Buyers will able to contact you directly. Or you can simply join any other marketplaces available.