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We are an established Thrift / Antique Store with quality "New to You" items & something for everyone in mind when we select our inventory.

We are a local community shop with an emphasis on providing a peaceful space to our guests during their shopping experience. We promote a fun atmosphere with an eclectic mix of items ranging from antique, vintage, new to you and modern...We also offer gift items that we purchase new from our suppliers.

Our inventory changes daily and consists of: Small to medium size furniture, clothing, jewelry, art, books, home goods, linens, tools, glassware, pottery, craft supplies, sewing supplies, holiday / seasonal items, gift items, rocks / fossils and sooo much more. We have an array of items and inventory genre changes often. We select items that have a story to tell.

Our passion is working with guests to assist them in finding what they are seeking. We pull our inventory from several of our off-site warehouses. If we don't have what the customer is seeking in the shop, we have a wish list that we utilize when pulling inventory from our off-site units. Once we locate the items sought and if requested, we will contact the customer with photos of the items we have located for them.

Our other passions are...Historical preservation, providing community resources to those seeking local information and supporting many organizations involved in animal rescue and LE Chaplaincy. Our passion is to help others in our community. Profits above and beyond our overhead go back into the community in many ways.

Where are we located? We are located at 1462 Canal St. in Auburn
We are tucked away off of the beaten path...for a reason. Our mission is to provide a personalized service to our guests. Our goal is for our guests to walk out of our shop after their visit feeling refreshed and energized. We are not a big box store with mass produced items and crowds. We are a friendly but respectfully quiet shop that invites lovely conversation, small talk or silence, whichever each guests prefer.

We have developed our "Back in 15 Minutes" time out for individuals experiencing deep grief moments that hit them out of nowhere while driving. We are a safe place to land during these moments. We offer a quiet and calming space until the individual feels safe to be behind the wheel once again.

Our angel cabinet is filled with figurines, books and angel figures that are free to anyone that would like to have an angel to honor a lost loved one. We ask that the angels not be taken by guests for resale as they are used as comfort angels.

How do we obtain our inventory you ask?
In many ways. One of which is our property clearing service. We clear / liquidate properties for those in need or for those experiencing the loss of a loved one and in need of assistance AFTER the families have taken what they want FIRST. It is our policy to never clear a property until the last person of interest in the property has taken what they want to have. For us, it's not about the stuff, it's about the human.

Another of our passions is preserving history by inspecting each historical item and taking great care to preserve ephemera, documents, letters, photos, etc. Once we have removed unwanted items from our selected properties, our work begins with researching the history of many of those items. We then put the pieces of the story together.

Many of our Clients are delighted to discover that there are undiscovered hidden treasures in the loads that we have been invited to clear. We are not an Estate Sale Company and we do not conduct estate sales. We simply clear properties of items that the families request to be removed.

Our shop is 2000 S.F. of fun finds. We have furniture, clothing, household items, pet items, vintage, collectibles antiques and modern items as well as fabric, china, books, art, music related items & much more! Our inventory changes daily. Be sure to open all of the drawers and cabinets while visiting...we use every inch of space for our guests to peruse.

We offer usable FREEBIES on our FREEBIE Shelves outside in front of the shop. FREEBIES are first come/first serve while supplies last. When we are blessed with an abundance of usable items, we share with our community :0)

We have a wish list available to those that are seeking hard to find items and we have offsite warehouses that we pull from. If it's not in the shop, it may be offsite...simply ask for what you are seeking :0)

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Updated: 29 - Oct - 2023

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    Can I pay for my purchases with a credit card?

    Sorry, currently we don't accept credit card at "Imagine"...2nd Chance Treasures.

    What type of parking is available at your antique-store?

    We offer On Road parking for our customers.

    How many booths/vendors are there in "Imagine"...2nd Chance Treasures?

    There are booths/vendors in "Imagine"...2nd Chance Treasures.

    How big is "Imagine"...2nd Chance Treasures?

    "Imagine"...2nd Chance Treasures spans across 2000 of space and hosts booths/vendors.