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Welcome to Biggar & Biggar Antique Mall, a charming destination for antique enthusiasts located at 133 W Oak St in Arcadia, Florida. Our antique mall has been a part of the community for years, offering a wide array of treasures and collectibles waiting to be discovered.

We take pride in supporting our service members and earning the bonus points of appreciation from Army parents like you. It's our pleasure to provide a diverse selection of antique items at reasonable prices, ensuring that everyone can find something special to take home.

Arcadia, with its small-town charm, is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the Gulf coast cities. A visit to our antique mall is more than just shopping; it's a journey through history, where each item on our shelves has a unique story to tell. Whether you're hunting for treasures or simply reminiscing about days gone by, our store offers a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all.

We value each customer's experience and strive to make your visit enjoyable. While we take pride in the warmth and courtesy of our staff, we are committed to addressing any concerns or negative experiences that may have occurred in the past. Your feedback is important to us, and we aim to ensure that every visitor feels valued and comfortable during their time at Biggar & Biggar Antique Mall.

Join us on your next trip to Arcadia and explore the rich history and hidden gems within our antique mall. We look forward to providing you with a positive and memorable shopping experience, where the past comes to life in every antique and collectible we offer.

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Updated: 11 - Sep - 2023

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7 Reviews

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Becky Palmer
4 months ago

If you want a pleasant, nostalgic experience, this is not the store for you. The lady running the store is extremely rude and follows you. Took our cash and shoved the bag to us. Never thanked us. Sorry for whomever has a booth here.

Cecilia ouellette
4 months ago

Visited this store among others. First time visiting Arcadia. While we were greeted with courtesy and nice greetings at all stores , our experience at Biggar & Biggar Antiques was different. The lady in charge was rude and did not respond to questions we had. Talking to other people later on, came to realize they had the same experience we had. The owners should replace her with someone that makes a shopping experience pleasant.

James Lester
4 months ago

So happy to see I?m not the only one this lady treats like garbage. For years I thought it was only me she was rude to for no good reason. Too turn out she is unpleasant to many . So maybe she can read all the reviews of her making the experience horrible and change her ways . Really nice shop just this lady makes me feel unwelcome and uncomfortable..

Dee Ashley
4 months ago

As soon as I walked in the store, I was told to leave because I was on a call. Very rude. Jokes on the store because I was on the phone with someone looking to buy an item from the store.

Timmy Shigley
4 months ago

It is always nice to take a little trip down to Arcadia and get away from the bustle of the big cities along the Gulf coast. Today we made the road trip down from Tampa as the September weather was calling for some cruddy storms. Originally, this was to be a beach day spent hunting for sharks? teeth and catching some good old fashioned Vitamin D sun rays. Alas, Mother Nature helped our decision making process. We enjoy visiting the antique shops and grabbing a bite at one of the small cafes along Oak Street. We did notice today though, that some of the shops have closed or changed ownership. We assume those probably didn?t make it through the pandemic woes. With that said, we still enjoy hunting for treasures and items for our collections. Whether we find and buy anything isn?t always the goal, but the hunting experience and reminiscing it just as fun. As antique shoppers know, there is story behind every item on the shelves. Some may have historical references, and many have personal memories associated with them, or sometimes both. This store is another nice location along the old downtown Arcadia district. Friendly staff and plenty of things to see. Nice job.

Robert Alexander
4 months ago

Nice antique store that supports our service members. As an Army parent, that earns bonus points. The selection was very good, prices seemed in line, and we left with a few smalls. Unfortunately, the beautiful bracelet was too big for my wife's small wrist, or I could have left another couple of hundred dollars. We'll be back on a future trip.

4 months ago

Nicely laid out and friendly staff.

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133 W Oak St
Arcadia, Florida 34266
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Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Can I pay for my purchases with a credit card?

Sorry, currently we don't accept credit card at Biggar & Biggar Antique Mall.

What type of parking is available at your antique-mall?

We offer Parking Lot parking for our customers.

How many booths/vendors are there in Biggar & Biggar Antique Mall?

There are booths/vendors in Biggar & Biggar Antique Mall.

How big is Biggar & Biggar Antique Mall?

Biggar & Biggar Antique Mall spans across of space and hosts booths/vendors.

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