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**Fine Lion Antiques** offers a treasure trove of collectibles and vintage items that keep customers coming back for more. Located at 9564 Griffin Rd in Cooper City, Florida, this quaint shop is known for its unique finds and friendly owner, Marsha.

Established in 1990 and now operated by Marsha, Fine Lion Antiques is home to 16 different dealers. As you step into the store, you'll find yourself surrounded by a diverse array of items, from furniture and vintage jewelry to porcelain, artwork, bronzes, and collectibles. The shop is a collector's paradise, and Marsha is always ready to assist you in your search.

While exploring Fine Lion Antiques, you'll come across delightful discoveries like exquisite teapots, glowing uranium glass, elegant teacups and saucers, gemstone earrings, musical instruments like acoustic guitars, and charming furniture sets. The shop is a treasure trove of history and nostalgia, making it an enjoyable place to visit, even if you're just browsing. Marsha's warm and welcoming demeanor adds to the pleasant shopping experience, and her willingness to provide guidance ensures you find the perfect item.

Fine Lion Antiques also offers the opportunity to sell or trade your antiques, making it a dynamic and engaging destination for collectors. Whether you're on the hunt for something specific or simply looking to explore, Fine Lion Antiques promises a memorable visit filled with fascinating artifacts from the past.

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7 Reviews

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Dena Barlow

My husband and I went to this store on a whim after visiting another nearby antique store. I was looking for something specific to add onto the top of an already owned antique to make the setup into a side table. There was a lot of stuff in the store, but after explaining what I needed to the owner, she was able to recommend this English writing box which was tucked away into a front display. It works perfectly, and we are very happy with our purchase.

A Flyswatter

I love this store! Even if I don?t buy anything it?s always fun to look. Gorgeous jewelry and packed wall to wall with cool stuff. I always a good calico quilt here. The owner is very nice as well

Ariel W.

I was trying to go to the Cooper City Antique Mall and accidentally found Fine Lion in the same plaza. You have to be buzzed in and I wasn't going to ring the bell but the owner Marsha saw me peeking in the window and opened the door. She has a small dog in the store so I can see why she wants to keep an eye on the door. Founded in 1990, the store has 16 different dealers. It is under a new partnership with Marsha. Fine Lion is crammed floor to ceiling with small items of furniture, vintage jewelry, porcelain, artwork, bronzes, and collectibles. Once you enter the store you are free to wander at will but Marsha is at the ready for any help you might need. As soon as I entered the store I saw a teapot in my Grandmother's Royal Rose pattern that I collect. I have several tea pots that I have picked up here and there for a few dollars and this one was marked $45. I loved their collection of uranium glass that fluoresces green. If I ever figure out where I can set up a blacklight in my house I might start picking up some pieces. They had a number of gorgeous teacups and saucers that I used to buy until a cat took out my collection. The jewelry selection was interesting and several gem stone earrings caught my eye. They had a room with several acoustic guitars in the back of the store. They also had a darling pink and white table and chair set that I adored. That is just a few of the items off the top of my head. You can spend a lot of time looking through everything they have and if you know what you want Marsha will steer you in the right direction. They also buy and trade antiques so you can bring in what you have. There are so many artifacts of history here and I really enjoyed my visit.

Nora Freatis

I have found a number of items at this location she has a ton of stuff, it's a little crowded, and you might have to move stuff to get to your treasure. Prices are a bit higher here, but she will take money off if you buy more than one item. Happy hunting.

Delma Anello

Love this store, the help for a specific item was made easy to want to come again.

Sharon Plotkin

I love marsha and the place. There are so many treasures and Marsha always keeps an eye out for the collectibles I love!

Karla Del Valle

Ma'am, do not try to scam people. *Read my reply to the owner as well* I collect 1800's, early 1900's photographs. I'm assuming the owner thinks people don't do research, but these items range between $2.00 and $5.00. She tried to sell me each at $10.00. TEN DOLLARS EACH! Later I found the same style photographs at $2.00 at the Vintage Mall. I have purchased large ones at the Palmetto Bay one so much cheaper (highly recommended!), so if you don't mind driving, better go there. *REPLY FOR THE OWNER* Thank you very much for the beautifully written reply. I believe, like you said, items as delicate and fragile should be taken care of as such. The photographs I intended to buy where stuffed in a literal bucket located on the floor, in one of the rooms. (Please see attached pictures) Three months ago, the three photographs on my second pic, the lady in the store wanted $5 each. This Sunday I returned to the store and she was asking $10 per photograph. I addressed this concern with her and said they are valued $2 at other stores, so she "lowered" the value and offered 10 photographs for $75, claming "they are selling so fast". Wow. For reference, this rare memento mori from 1800's was priced at $3 at the Palmetto Bay vintage market. Thank you again for taking the time to reply to my review. I understand you have a business to run, and a profit to be sowed, but this feels like mockery. I hope you can preserve the photographs I wanted to purchase with the same enthusiasm.

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9564 Griffin Rd
Cooper City, Florida 33328
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Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Can I pay for my purchases with a credit card?

Sorry, currently we don't accept credit card at Fine Lion Antiques.

What type of parking is available at your antique-store?

We offer Parking Lot parking for our customers.

How many booths/vendors are there in Fine Lion Antiques?

There are booths/vendors in Fine Lion Antiques.

How big is Fine Lion Antiques?

Fine Lion Antiques spans across of space and hosts booths/vendors.

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