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Tic Toc Enterprises, located at 166 S Beach St in Daytona Beach, Florida, is a unique destination for both antique enthusiasts and those in need of watch and clock repairs.

Our shop is known for its impressive collection of beautiful clocks and antiques. We take pride in curating a diverse and ever-changing selection, ensuring there's always something new to see. Whether you're an avid collector or simply appreciate the artistry of timepieces, our store has something to offer.

One of our standout services is watch and clock repair, conducted on-site by our expert team. While we strive for excellence, we are truly sorry for any previous experiences that didn't meet your expectations. We value your feedback and are committed to improving our service.

Our dedicated team is here to assist you with your timepiece needs, providing expert repairs and servicing. We understand the importance of these valuable possessions and aim to provide the best possible care.

While some past experiences may not have met your satisfaction, we encourage you to give us another chance. Our team is always ready to address your concerns and ensure that your treasured timepieces receive the attention and care they deserve.

At Tic Toc Enterprises, we are committed to delivering the highest quality of service and offering a captivating collection of clocks and antiques. We look forward to providing you with a better experience in the future.

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Name: Tic Toc Enterprises
Phone: 386-256-5203
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2.7 stars

7 Reviews

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Judith Shaffer (jasinfla)

Went there to see if they could help us to fix clock and find out if it an antique or not. Young man was absolutely no help, when we asked if they could help us he said, no. Don?t bother trying to find a parking place to go into store.

Mark Budiansky

Brought in my Patek Philippe 3 years ago. Was charged $400.00 to fix. received it back and was not fixed. Brought it back to the them and they told me that the main spring needed to be replaced. they had it for about 2 years and were not able to find a main spring. when they gave it back to me, it was in a very tight plastic bag over the face of the watch. I pulled it out and saw that the face was apart from the back. I proceeded to put it back knowing I would have to bring it to someone else anyway. I recently brought it to another jeweler I know, to be told that the bevel ring lock was missing, which he showed me a picture of what should have been there. I went back to Tic Tok to be told they didn't have it. I'm told the part would be between $1000 -2000 because the watch is from the 70's and has to be sent back to Switzerland. As always, I was told that they would speak to the owner Dr Wahba, and as always no one ever called after 10 days. After 3 years, I now have to send it back to Switzerland, to the factory and am out another couple thousand dollars. THANKS TIC TOK!!

Lori Wisniewski

The most beautiful collection of clocks and Antiques. Always has something new to see. Watch and clock repair on site. Love the team there.

jill rosinski

Very bad experience with Tic Toc Enterprises in Daytona Beach, Fl. Brought our antique wall clock in for service because the Westminster Chime was no longer working. After 5 weeks, we were told it was fixed. My husband went there and it did not work. He was told they would work on it again and call us when it was ready. To make a long story short, the clock was brought home twice after they supposedly fixed it, and it still doesn?t work. The pendulum stops after 5 minutes. The clock is worse now then it was when we brought it there. We paid $181 for nothing. They still alleged it works for them and refused to give us a refund. They refused to let us speak to the owner. My husband actually had a video showing that the clock stops working after 5 minutes. They were not interested in the video and they offered no solution to the problem.I would not recommend getting any service from Tic Toc in Daytona Beach.

Tonya Baum

Charged over $300 to fix a grandfather clock from the late 80's. Had it for over 2 months still doesn't keep time. When I would question him, I was told, "I can just hear when it's off." Yeah ok, the clock was not even sitting level. I was told it was the main parts in the hands and that it would cost me A LOT of money to fix. What did I already pay for? I also sent the original manual with the clock only to be told he didn't have it. Please stay away from this business, if you need a repair.

Ted Laskowski

Excellent antique store and the replace batteries in watches!!!!

Robert Orben

If you like clocks and antick you will love this place great people there

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166 S Beach St
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
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Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Can I pay for my purchases with a credit card?

Sorry, currently we don't accept credit card at Tic Toc Enterprises.

What type of parking is available at your antique-store?

We offer Parking Lot parking for our customers.

How many booths/vendors are there in Tic Toc Enterprises?

There are booths/vendors in Tic Toc Enterprises.

How big is Tic Toc Enterprises?

Tic Toc Enterprises spans across of space and hosts booths/vendors.

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