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1867 W San Carlos St
San Jose, California 95128 [View Map]
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Memory Lane Antiques is a antique-store located at 1867 W San Carlos St, San Jose California 95128. You can contact us using this phone number - 408-289-1022.

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Thu11:00 AM -5:00 PMClosed
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Name: Memory Lane Antiques
Phone: 408-289-1022
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Updated: 19 - Nov - 2021

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5 stars

14 Reviews

  • 14 reviews

Patty Pinsky

I recently moved back to Tallahassee and was on the hunt for antique shops? When I found Memory Lane Antiques, I hit the jackpot! What a lovely collection of true antiques, with the history of each piece beautifully displayed on each tag. I found a beautiful chest of drawers, have my eye on two other pieces, and then I?ll go back for some artwork! Thank you, Paul!

Curtis Miller

Easily the best curated collection of antiques in Tallahassee. Paul is very knowledgeable and transparent. 99% of the item are labeled making it easy for curious shoppers to delve deeper if they please. Everything is at minimal 50 years or older and much is not only vintage but antique 100 years or older. It's clean and orderly and best of all the owner is genuinely nice.

Brady Jordan

An absolute pleasure to visit. No snobbery. Paul treated us like family. This store has something to offer for all price ranges. And the item descriptions and dates were so interesting. It was like a museum! I quite a few "what's that" moments that were answered by the items' tags. I'm definitely grabbing a friend and going back with more money to spend!

Carrie Bass

This is a real authentic antique store! My husband and I were greeted as soon as we walked in and made to feel welcome. Everything was displayed very neatly and had a tag with the dates and history of the piece. We bought several things and were very happy with each one. Shopping here was a great experience and I can?t wait to come back. I highly recommend this store and would give it more than five stars if I could.


A lot of nice finds here. I appreciate the research tags included on all pieces and the lockers for bags so I don't have to worry about hitting my bag against anything while exploring the store. Paul was very nice to talk with and the other employee was kind as well.

Fatima Barber

Great place with a lot to see . Interesting items . My Husband bought me the earrings . we have a great time . The owner was super nice !! thank you

Rochelle Parker

I cannot say enough nice things about the owner Paul!! I went to his store in hopes of some guidance , as I was going through all of my Moms old stuff. He was very helpful to me and so generous with his time. His store is filled with so many treasures and the individual descriptions are all so interesting.

Bruce Cam

Bought a hand plane from his impressive selection of old tools. Recommended if looking for an antique store with vintage hardware or woodworking tools.

Robert G

Lot of unique items. Owner is friendly and location is good. Parking is behind store

Dorothy Balkon

owner is super kind and helpful! he has a really beautiful collection of cups and saucers! definitely give the store a chance if you're into antiques

Sillystephy S

Loving my depression era candlesticks I picked up there. My friend and I were heading to another store nearby and decided to hit this one up too. We were both so glad we did. Store has a good amount of everything with decedent pricing. There are several antique stores along this street all within walking distance. Start at their shop as it’s the smallest of them all. Shout out to the owners son who gave us a discount. Very charming fella! My recommendation is to give yourself the whole day for this street. The other stores are huge and will take up the morning and afternoon. There is a Chinese restaurant across the street that had great food that you can enjoy between shopping. There is a good sized parking lot behind the latest antique store that you can use, so don’t park on the Main Street all the stores are on.

Caleb Levine

Great shop! They have a wide range of items like tools, cameras, glass, ceramics, buttons, pins, lamps, utensils etc. Philip is very nice and helpful and the store has a great vibe to it. So much stuff to look through. I highly recommend stopping by to take a look around and say hi to Philip. The other antique stores in the area are nice as well but this ones something special.

Amy K

What a gem of a place!!! So many interesting things and knowledgeable shop keepers! We had a ball chatting about so many things and I added a great treasure to my collection. Can't wait to go back and see what else I can find.

Jasmine Magana

The owner was very nice! I love the variety of antiques also. Definitely recommend this place.

Location / Map

1867 W San Carlos St
San Jose, California 95128
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Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Can I pay for my purchases with a credit card?

Sorry, currently we don't accept credit card at Memory Lane Antiques.

What type of parking is available at your antique-store?

We offer Off Street parking for our customers.

How many booths/vendors are there in Memory Lane Antiques?

There are 1 booths/vendors in Memory Lane Antiques.

How big is Memory Lane Antiques?

Memory Lane Antiques spans across 6700 of space and hosts 1 booths/vendors.