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1349 Lincoln Ave 3022
San Jose, California 95125 [View Map]
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We at The Willow Glen Collective take a personal interest in helping our customers select just the right item for their home or for their personal enjoyment. We know that beauty takes many forms. That’s why we offer a wonderful selection of antiques and collectibles. Our expansive, top-quality selection of jewelry provides new styles to integrate into your signature look, or opportunities to reinvent your style altogether.

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Name: Willow Glen Collective
Phone: 408-947-7222
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Updated: 18 - Nov - 2021

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7 Reviews

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mike monette
1 months ago

One of the last antique shops left in the san jose area. Easy to shop. Inventory dose change lots of glass ware. Prices are fair . open up daily.

Shawn Moe
1 months ago

Great place to eat and several small local shops to browse and support.

1 months ago

Very cute store and the two ladies who worked there were extremely nice! There was also a very cute dog at the front door :) They had tons of jewelry and chinaware. I will be coming back again!

Elizabeth Martin
1 months ago

I absolutely love this place! Great inventory with lots of things to look at and shop for from jewelry to glassware to old magazines and knick knacks. I've bought two rings from this place, both in great quality, and the women who helped me were extremely kind (Maribeth and Julie)! I told them the items I was looking for and they took the time to look around the shop to find a ring that would fit and that was in the style I liked. They even offered to polish the ring for me once I purchased it! Definitely will be coming back and highly recommend if you're in the area!

1 months ago

Very nice people with lots of treasures

Fedel Sanchez
1 months ago

I love this little store downtown Willow Glen. It is a collective of antique dealers and I always find treasures in this place no matter when I go in there so I have to be selective when I go to the collective. I went in recently and found a vintage Snoopy lunch box, a pretty little Fenton bird and a couple of other great items. The owners and salespeople are very nice and helpful. So if you like antiques and vintage items this would be the perfect place to go.

1 months ago

I’m a professional interior designer. Asked me to take my bag off and leave it up front “so I don’t break anything” Stores only do this when they think kids are going to steal. I’m 35 and I came in to work. If my girlfriend came in with her huge Gucci bag you wouldn’t dare ask her to leave it. Surely you’re not making old women leave their bags/purses at the front. Inventory isn’t good enough to deal with bad customer service. Pass

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1349 Lincoln Ave 3022
San Jose, California 95125
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Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Can I pay for my purchases with a credit card?

Sorry, currently we don't accept credit card at Willow Glen Collective.

What type of parking is available at your antique-store?

We offer Off Street parking for our customers.

How many booths/vendors are there in Willow Glen Collective?

There are 1 booths/vendors in Willow Glen Collective.

How big is Willow Glen Collective?

Willow Glen Collective spans across 6000 of space and hosts 1 booths/vendors.